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Season 2
out now!

The long awaited Season 2 of IN THE RED CLAY is now available! The series will now profile Billy Sunday Birt and his Dixie Mafia's involvement in the Durham Family murders in Boone, North Carolina in February 1972.

Also, the full 31-track Original Music Score for ITRC is available on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify!

New Show Alert!

Check out ITRC host Sean Kipe's third 10-episode podcast series IN THE LAND OF LIES. Available now from Imperative Entertainment. Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Sean Kipe's second podcast series FOX HUNTER is available now from Imperative Entertainment. Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

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   Had to Kill Them
." - Billy Sunday Birt

IN THE RED CLAY is a 13-episode podcast series from Imperative Entertainment detailing the incredible, never-before-heard true story of Billy Sunday Birt. Find out why law enforcement called him "the most dangerous man in Georgia history," and for good reason. Birt is thought to have killed at least 56 people, though some say that number is much higher. But there's more to this story than meets the eye, and after nearly 50 years, Birt's eldest son is finally ready to tell what he's kept silent for so long.


About the Host

Sean Kipe has been in entertainment for nearly 20 years both as guitarist and co-songwriter for international recording artists THE CALLING known for the hit song "Wherever You Will Go" and COURSE OF NATURE, as well as the Film and Television industry. Kipe is also the Host and Producer of FOX HUNTER and IN THE LAND OF LIES podcast series, both from Imperative Entertainment.



Producer, Writer, Host & Original Music Creation


Executive Producer & Story Editor


Executive Producer


Sound Design

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