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A CHILD NO MORE | Chapter 12

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Redemption is hard to come by, but worth its weight in gold.

Our series concludes in Episode 12 with the death of Billy Sunday Birt in April of 2017. But the story does not end there, my friends. Stoney Birt has finally moved on with his life after finding closure and some kind of resolution with the family members of the Flemings. His focus is now on the Rock Solid Distillery in downtown Winder, (which is now open to the public) and living a happy life free of the past his father created - though he will forever be grateful to his father for the love he showered on him.

Billy Sunday Birt's gravestone
Billy Sunday Birt 8/12/37 - 4/7/17

All smiles now! - Stoney Birt
Stoney and his son, Stone, at a whiskey event.
Let the good times roll!
"The best I've ever had."
Stoney visiting his father
Billy Birt's headstone

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