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The law believes they have their man. But can they catch him?

By 1970, the "Dixie Mafia" had become stronger and more brazen than ever. The Federal government decided something must be done about Billy Sunday Birt and his gang, so they sent in the best man they had. Enter: ATF Special Agent James Earl West. This is when things really started to heat up.

Billy Birt ©The Birt Family Archives
Ruth and Harold Chancey © Birt Family Archives
Birt's 1970 Mercury Cyclone ©Birt Family Archives

Tom Lock's insurance office was dynamited because he refused to pay Billy Birt money in a damage claim on his Torino Cobra . The office was leveled. One month later when Lock opened a new office, he was found dead with 3 bullet holes in him. Lock's death would eventually be ruled a suicide.

Billy Wayne Davis and Billy Birt were introduced in 1967. It would be the beginning of a partnership that would lead the two men down a long and dark path of robbery, extortion and murder.

Billy Wayne Davis
The Birt Boys circa 1960's. ©Birt Family Archives

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