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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

To find the truth, you must dig deep.

The activity of the "Dixie Mafia" began operating on a new level in the early 70's. The trial of young Otis Reidling cemented the solidity of the group, and Otis proved himself to Birt when he didn't fold under pressure when under pressure. ATF Special Agents Jim West and Jack Berry were now on the case, and becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that they could not seem to get to Birt.

Otis Reidling - arrested for possesion of stolen property
District Attorney Nat Hancock
Evans Jewel Box
Newspaper covering the courthouse robbery

The robberies of places like the Evans Jewel Box and the courthouse proved that Birt and the "Dixie Mafia" would let nothing stand in the way of them continuing their crime spree and doing whatever it took to, quite literally, get away with murder. Nothing was off limits.

File photo of the Jewel Box robbery showcasing looted jewelry cases at Evans Jewel Box

Ray Birt realized just a bit too late that it was time to change his ways, and he paid for it with his life.

Ray Birt ©Birt Family Archives

Postcard from Atlanta Federal Penitentiary where Birt served 9 months

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