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Keep your friends close...

As 1973 drew to a close and most people had Christmas on their minds, Billy Birt and Billy Wayne Davis were still busy planning and executing bank robberies, home invasions and murders. And while investigators were busy trying to make sense of who really killed the elderly Matthews couple in 1971 during the ongoing "Marietta Seven" trials, one of the most gruesome murders in Georgia history would take place in late December of 1973 - that of Reid Oliver Fleming and his wife, Lois in Wrens, GA.

One of MANY newspaper articles on the "Marietta Seven" trials and star witness Debbie Kidd.

Birt is pictured below being take into custody after Billy Wayne Davis turned state's evidence on him in 1974 for the Loganville Bank robbery.

Sheriff Earl D. Lee gets his man. Billy Wayne Davis was arrested in early 1974 for the Loganville Bank Robbery after his wife Mary deposited "hot" money in her bank account. The FBI was at her home within hours and set a trap for Davis. This caused a chain-reaction of events that would soon take down Georgia's Dixie Mafia once and for all. But there's MUCH more to the story...

Billy Wayne Davis' mugshot circa 1974
Sheriff Earl Lee
The Dixe Mafia's "Outer Circle"

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