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In the aftermath of the Floyd Hoard tragedy, Billy Sunday Birt begins his meteoric rise as the most notorious man in Georgia history. By 1967, he was known as the man who could discretely get things done for you...for a price. And boy, business was good.

Billy Birt ©Birt Family Archives
Birt's moonshine partner Harold Chancey

A.C. "Cliff" Park would be tried for conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced to death.

The remains of Floyd Hoard's dynamited car
The remains of Floyd Hoard's dynamited car
Floyd Hoard
Floyd Hoard Memorial in Jefferson, GA

Floyd Hoard was the Solicitor General (known as District Attorney today) of Georgia's Banks, Barrow and Jackson counties in the mid 1960's. He was a honest law man who truly wanted to clean up the counties he oversaw that had been overrun by bootlegging and crime. His murder was a turning point in law enforcement's involvement in the area's criminal activity, and would set in motion the formation of what would later be called the "Dixie Mafia".

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