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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By 1973, no one is safe from Billy Birt's Dixie Mafia. Not even family.

Billy Birt and the "Dixie Mafia" were running strong. Black pills were being brought in from Mexico and sold for huge profits, bootlegged whiskey was being sold all over the South, and a string of arson and murder-for-hire jobs continued to attract more and more attention from law enforcement. But it was Birt's new partnership with Billy Wayne Davis that really changed things. The two men were robbing banks, hitting underground gambling houses, home invasions, you name it. And Davis was paying Birt to kill for him just as the Inner Circle of the Dixie Mafia was.

Sheriff Earl D. Lee's business card ©Birt Family Archives

The Torino Cobra owned by Billy Birt ©Birt Family Archives

Birt and mother Eunice - 1970's ©Birt Family Archives
Don "Booger" Cooper

Numerous bodies were pulled from wells over the years

Newspaper citing Officer Cody shot in the mouth by Birt during the Loganville Bank robbery

Sheriff Earl D. Lee ©Birt Family Archives

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