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THE HAND OF GOD | Chapter 10

Billy Birt repents for the sins of his life, and tries to make things right. But is he too late?

By 1993, Billy Sunday Birt had narrowly escaped death 8 times on death row, having his execution stayed by the Governor each time for various reasons. His lawyer, the now-famous Millard Farmer, fought against the death penalty and the often terrible living conditions on death row. He provided his services free of charge to Birt.

Billy Birt in a rare photo-op while in prison ©Birt Family Archives

Screenshot from one of Billy's many prison interview tapes ©Birt Family Archives

On September 6th, 1992, Billy Sunday Birt was baptized. Sheriff Earl Lee planned this event in secret with Billy and his immediate family. No one else knew. He was taken to a church in Winder with no handcuffs or restraints of any kind...he simply gave Sheriff Lee his word that he could be trusted.

Birt just before being baptized ©Birt Family Archives
Bill and Sheriff Lee addressing the church after his baptism ©Birt Family Archives
Birt addressing the church ©Birt Family Archives
Billy Birt is baptized. ©Birt Family Archives
Baptism ©Birt Family Archives

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