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THE KID | Chapter 3

Stoney Birt grew up with a front row seat to the inner workings of his father's Dixie Mafia. He learned to play cards and run the pool table like a shark by the time he was 9 years old.

Stoney Birt ©Birt Family Archives
Young Stoney Birt ©Birt Family Archives
Lum's Hotdogs

Lum's World Famous Hotdogs was completely leveled by Billy Birt and his brother Bobby. The two intended to only burnt he building down so the owner at the time could collect insurance money, but when a pilot light on the water heater ignited the gasoline, the building exploded, and the two men barely made it out alive. They were paid $500 for the job.

Ray Birt ©Birt Family Archives

Ray MacArthur Birt was Billy's youngest brother. He was known around town as a bully, and was tough as nails. Many people that knew Ray have said that he could have been a professional boxer if he wanted to, but things didn't work out quite that way for Ray Birt.

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