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UNLUCKY NUMBER 7 | Chapter 8

A major break comes in a highly publicized murder case.

In April of 1974, Billy Sunday Birt was arrested for bank robbery. Both Birt and Billy Wayne Davis were now behind bars, but could the law keep them there? The bank robbery carried a 25-year sentence, but with good behavior, (which was unlikely) Birt could be back on the streets in as little as 8 years. ATF Special Agent Jim West and the federal agents working on the Birt's case would have to find some way to keep him from being released - and Billy Wayne Davis would prove to be the key to this.

Birt being taken into custody displaying what is known as "the look".
Birt heading to court.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter David Morrison started a "pen-pal" relationship with Billy Birt while he was in Marion Federal Penitentiary. Morrison's investigation into the "Marietta Seven" trial corruption led him to firmly believe that Birt had been railroaded by the investigators in the Fleming murder case. He would keep Birt informed of his findings and help to inform him of his rights while in prison.

Partial letter from Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter David Morrsion to Birt.

Newspaper citing the indictment of Birt and Davis for the Matthews murders.

Newspaper citing Deborah Ann Kidd's perjury trial. She would not be found guilty.

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