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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

On the brink of execution, Billy writes a series of letters to his son while on Death Row.

Billy Sunday Birt is set to be executed in the electric chair. In an unprecedented situation, 17-year-old Stoney (who was currently in prison at the time as well) was allowed to spend 8 hours alone with his father in his cell. It would be his chance to say goodbye to his father one last time.

Billy and Stoney Birt (during a prison visit) ©Birt Family Archives

Below are compiled articles about Jerome Bowden, the mentally handicapped young man executed in Georgia on June 24, 1986. Many people believe he was innocent, and a rally was held in his honor to commemorate his life and the injustice 30 years later.

Marion Federal Penitentiary where Billy Birt was held for the first 3 years of his death sentence.

Birt's Holy Bible ©Birt Family Archives
Billy Birt and grandson Stone ©Birt Family Archives

Birt after being stabbed in prison. The attack nearly killed him, and he lost his left eye.

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